I was born in Gomel, Belarus but moved to Brooklyn, NY when I was 8 years old. After many years of switching schools, I wound up in Brooklyn Technical High School where I studied Computer Science. In June 2005, I graduated from Polytechnic University with a Bachelors and Masters in, you guessed it, Computer Science. If you find data reduction exciting, take a look at my Masters Thesis on the Approximation of Iceberg Cubes Using Data Reduction Techniques.

Currently, I work as a Engineering Supervisor at Con Edison. Why Con Edison and not Microsoft or Google? Well, they didn't take me. Besides, even though I'm an "engineering supervisor", when I'm not trying to prevent the next blackout, I actually spend a lot of the time administering my Windows and Unix servers, configuring MS SQL and Oracle databases, and developing .NET web application. Plus, having "engineer" in the title certainly doesn't hurt the salary and the "manager" title calls for some serious delegation. I also do some consulting on the side. You are welcome to read my résumé or view my View Leon Bukhman's profile on LinkedIn.

My non-technical hobbies include cycling, fishing, and playing paintball. I often go out to the country to get away from technology and, sometimes, I even bring a camera along. You can view the pictures in my photo gallery. I also enjoy listening to music and have compiled a listing of my music collection (I'm a bit tone-deaf so I can't play anything myself).

This site was written to foster my various hobbies and activities. It is implemented with the traditional LAMP setup (i.e. Linux, Apache, mySQL, and PHP) and is a way for me to try out various open source technologies (in contrast to the proprietary tools that I use at work). It also serves a portal to my mail and SVN servers. You will find several projects that I periodically work on in my free time under the Projects section. The Magic Square Generator was just a way for me to play with PERL. WitKit is my attempt at a PHP content management system that organizes the thousands of jokes that I have amassed from years of e-mails.

If you like the site or feel compelled to contact me for some reason, you can email me at leon [at] lbsharp [dot] com (no SPAM please) or sign my guestbook. Who knows, I may even respond.